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A Fun Great Dane Site: Danes-R-Us
Danes-R-Us Great Dane & Pet Art
Great Dane & Pet Art  
Specializing in Great Danes & Dog Breeds • Cat Breeds • Other Animals & Pets
Greeting Cards • Address Labels • Cast Stone • Original Sculptures

Shop for your favorite dog breeds on greeting cards, stationery, and matching labels.
Hand cast stone statues, ornaments, pins and other items available.

Make sure you have plenty of  your favorite holiday cards plus matching Address Labels!

Great Dane Kinda Crabby Brindle Uncrop CardsGreat Dane Daffy Dilly Pup Harlequin Cards
Danes-R-Us original artwork, Kinda Crabby, featuring a variety of Great Danes - cropped or not in many coat colors. Great Danes find themselves in a pinch at the beach with a bunch of crabs!
Or choose from the Daffy Dilly Dane Pups surrounded  by a garden full of daffodils.

Cards start at just 99 cents each and include a white envelope.
Add an inside greeting and color coordinating envelopes for just 10 cents.
Card designs also available on matching address labels.
Most available as 2.25" pin back buttons too.

Danes-R-Us provides free services to it's visitors such as free web page graphicse-greetings, visitor photo gallery, etc..  Or Shop for your favorite dog breed, cat breed or other pets and animals on greeting cards, stationery, and matching labels all with unique original artwork. Hand cast stone hand painted statues, ornaments, pins and other items available. Original sculptures offered occasionally. Visit the Danes-R-Us Online Catalog for Great Dane greeting & note cards or hand painted ornaments & figurines.

Great Dane Walking Answers shirt
Great Dane Walking Answers T-Shirts
as low as $20.95 - other styles and sizes available.
with this design

Great Dane Walking Gear features the ANSWERS to all THOSE questions Dane owners hear, You know the ones!

"What kind of a dog is it?"
"They come in THAT color?"
"Bet he eats alot?"
"Where does it LIVE?"
"You got a saddle for that thing?"

Just roll your eyes and point to the shirt - never sound like a broken record again while these awesome items do your work for you.

Patriot Danes See the entire Collection - many colors available, cropped or not.
Great Dane Love Bites!

Dane Parents Great Dane Mom or Great Dane Dad images available with cropped and uncropped danes plus the Danes-R-Us Jumper dane tool.
Addicts, Aholics & Nuts
Addicts, Aholics & Nuts

Are you a Dane-A-Holic? A Dane-Nut or just plain Addicted to Danes? Something in here for us all that "suffer" these afflictions


Grab some Bumper Stickers and let everyone know there is a SPOILED ROTTEN GREAT DANE ON BOARD. Features the I Love My Great Dane graphic with the text added to the side. All colors available with cropped or uncropped ears.

Need Business Cards?

Many to choose from in a variety of breeds and styles. Fully customizable for your personal endeavor or business. If you need something and can't find it, let me know. Most of my artwork can be made into a business card design.

Danes-R-Us artwork is available on many products through A huge array of shirts and other items with a remarkable selection of colors - mugs with color, square button / pins and magnets plus BUSINESS CARDS. Check it out and let me know if you need a product from zazzle featuring Danes-R-Us artwork. Check out my entire Zazzle Shop Here.

Artwork is being added to these new locations as time permits. Eventually all designs currently available at my cafepress shop will be available at zazzle. If you need a design that is not available please contact me and I will get it available for you pronto ASAP right now - please let me know which designs on what products.

Zazzle is my preferred partner for producing my artwork on products that I do not carry myself. At this time they do not carry all of the products offered in my cafepress shop. If you need ceramic items such as tiles or other items such as clocks, then try Danes-R-Us Duds powered by CafePress. A wide selection of apparel and clothing is also available at this location.

Danes-R-Us is now offering Pin Back Button Badges Direct. No more HIGH cafepress prices! Get them directly from me for WAY less... only $2.25 each.

Shop ALL Great Dane Buttons Now

Shop For All your Greeting Card needs Now and be sure you have them on hand.

Weimaraner Got Balls Greeting Cards
Weimaraner Got Balls Greeting Cards

Dalmatian Cake Face Birthday Cards
Dalmatian Cake Face Birthday Cards

Great Dane White Twinkle Greeting Cards
Great Dane TwinkleTwinkle Greeting Cards

Great Dane Fawn Ransom Pup Cards
Great Dane Fawn Art Greeting Cards

Great Dane Patriot Fawn Greeting Cards
Great Dane Patriot Greeting Cards

Great Dane Birthday Cake Face Brindle Crop Cards
Great Dane Birthday Cake Face Greeting Cards

Airedale Terrier Pink Hearts Greeting Cards
Airedale Terrier Pink Hearts Greeting Cards

Shop The Danes-R-Us Great Dane & Pet Art Online Catalog for more Great Dane and Dog Breed Art on Greeting Cards, Labels and more!

Artwork shown above also available on t-shirts and other clothing & accessories - Shop Danes-R-Us Duds for your favorites